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Patrice O’Neal, One of the Funniest Commedians of Our Generation

I saw Patrice O’Neal perform at the Montreal Just for Laugh Comedy Festival in 2008.  I had never heard of him before and he tore the room apart, making me laugh so hard my sides hurt. Patrice O’Neal was probably one of, if not the funniest comedian people had never heard of.  Mostly because his […]

Funny Game of Thrones Gifs

Anything that is popular is bound to have funny gifs created about it on the internet.  The ‘Game of Thrones’ is no exception.  Here are some of the funniest I’ve been able to find: L’Oreal Westoros   Snuggies   House?   That Jon Snow is so purdy   And of course your favorite (from […]

Indie Reviews: Punching the Clown

Punching the Clown, follows Henry, a writer and singer of folk songs that have a comedic twist as he tries to make it in LA.  Henry, who is naive at times and awkward with girls, has some success initially as signs a record deal but is derailed by misunderstandings and the challenges of compromising his […]

Japanese Gameshow Prank

Found on our new favorite sub-reddit page: We all know by now, Japanese game shows can be pretty weird and/or crazy.  Watch and see why these Japanese people are freaked out:  

Cool Online Comics: Sonnen’s War

Check out this cool online comic from The comic titled ‘Sonnen’s War’ features not just Chael Sonnen but MMA figures like Randy Couture and Nick Diaz.  If you are familiar with MMA you will be sure to get a lot of the inside jokes.  Episodes 1-8 are available online now at You can check out […]

Know Your Conspiracy Theories: Kubrick and the Moon Landing

There are many conspiracy theories about the Apollo 11 Moon Landing and successive Apollo missions that allege NASA had somehow partially or completely hoaxed the moon landing, the video/photos or the entire mission. One of the more interesting theories that was gained popularity recently is Stanley Kubrick’s involvement in this hoax.  The allegation is the […]

IT Guy Rants!

ITguy82 works IT in NYC and loves to rant about it.  Here is his twitter feed that helps him and vent and remain sane. Working IT is a thankless job. Screw the users that call me for help and proceed to yell at me. Screw you I say. — ITguy82 (@ITguy82) March 1, 2013 UPDATE: […]

Ice Cream Bread

Have you heard of the latest food trend Ice Cream Bread? That’s right, you take regular delicious ice cream which everyone loves and turn it into bread with two simple ingredients. Why would anyone do this? Because they can and because it’s easy as opposed to making chocolate chip cookies from scratch. Here are the […]

David Brent Returns!

Watch the return of David Brent, Ricky Gervais’ character of the British version of ‘The Office’, on Youtube where you can watch a series of ‘Learn Guitar With David Brent’ videos. A lot of his famous songs from the famous ‘training’ episode are featured including ‘Spaceman Came Down’.  Now you can learn how to play […]