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Stuff to Watch Online: Serious Jibber-Jabber with Conan O’Brien

Serious Jibber-Jabber with Conan O’ Brien is an online video interview series where Conan sits with people who interest him and talks with them for usually over an hour.  It is basically his version of Charlie Rose as he’s said. Previous guests have been Judd Apatow, Jack White, Statistician Nate Silver, and former/current writers of […]

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog at The Great American Beer Fetstival

The Great American Beer Festival is a 3-day annual event held in Denver, Colorado. Triumph the insult comic dog is of course, the great insult comic dog character created by Robert Smigel for the Conan O’ Brien’s late night show. Put them together and you get more comedy gold from Triumph and the Conan Show.

Funny News Fails

Watch this collection of funny news fails put together on YouTube by Scifi Geek. What makes News Fails so great is the serious tone news programs tend to have.  My favorite fails are at 2:00, 2:52, 3:20, 8:20, 9:30 and 11:58.  

Conan Shows Media Reaction to Mike Myers New Baby

The Conan Show has done this before, where they show how unoriginal the media is.  One would think there is like one guy writing the stories for the day and it is being passed to all local media affiliates.  

Reggie Watts, Comedian/Musician

I was first introduced to Reggie Watts when he opened for Conan O’ Brien on Conan’s “The Legally Prohibited from Being Funny on Television Tour”.  Simply put, I was amazed and thought Reggie Watts stole the show. He performs a unique musical loop-based a cappella freestyle performance that mixes comedy with his personal odd musical […]

Classic Memes: Techno Viking

Remember the internet phenomenon Techno Viking? Techno Viking was shot by Matthias Fristch and titled “Kneecam No. 1” featuring some bearded viking looking dude going crazy with dance moves to techno music.  It spawned a bunch of spin-offs and spoofs that you can easily find on YouTube. Although the identity of the Techno Viking is […]

Jean-Claude Van Damme on the ArSheerio Paul Show

Paul Sheer from The League and NTSF:SD:SUV spoofs the old Arsenio Hall show with the ArSheerio Paul Show which you can watch on YouTube. In this episode, Nick Kroll plays Jean-Claude Van Damme as they re-enact an interview from 1991.  It’s a pretty close re-enactment which goes to show you how ridiculous the original Arsenio […]

Best Review Ever for a Shady Product

Read this hilarious Amazon review for a “Universal Law Enforcement Reverse Peephole Viewer” The product touts: View real-time activity behind a door that has a peep hole Provides a clear, discreet view into the room through a door’s peephole Effective on all major brands of standard door peepholes used on apartment, hotel, and residential doors. […]

Check out this Dude’s Hardcore Halloween Decorations

Kyle Phillips gets the cops called on him for his scary realistic Halloween decorations:  

Conan Presents The Gold iPhone 5s

The Conan Show regularly likes making fun of Apple and spoofing their commercials, here’s their latest one: