Monthly Archives: November 2013

Elevator Prank from Brazil

Check out this funny elevator prank from Brazil where they try to scare people who get on the elevator:  

What are Numchucks?

Sonia Sotomayor, current Supreme Court judge, explains numchucks.  The current talk is about banning firearms but what about dangerous numchucks? Yeah, I know this is old but it’s still so funny:     Here’s another version of the video:

The Wolf on Wall Street Meets Jimmy Stewart

Every so often I feel like Martin Scorsese feels the need to remake a version of his 1980 masterpiece Raging Bull, a tragedy featuring Robert DeNiro and Joe Pesci. Ten years later he made Goodfellas, a similar tragedy with again DeNiro and Pesci but using Ray Liotta as the main character.  In 1995, he made […]

News Reporter Walking Fail

Wow he seems to be in genuine pain:  

The Conan Show: Charlie Brown Director’s Cuts

Watch this director’s cut of “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” that The Conan Show got a hold of:     Also here is an older Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown:    

The Story of the Rockaway Deer with an Arrow in its Head

There once was a deer who lived in NJ where many other deer lived. One fall day, someone shot an arrow at it and the arrow hit his head.  The deer continued to live with this arrow in its head for sometime even continuing to play with its other deer friends roaming around Rockaway, NJ. […]

Have you heard this one yet? (Part 1), a short story by Felipe S.

A short story by Felipe S. The News Midas checked his watch and then promptly went back to doing nothing.  He pretended working for ten more minutes before he decided to accept the obvious: the joke was on him.  Apparently, his co-workers had ditched him again. Unfortunately for him, this acceptance was a few seconds […]

The Best of Norm Macdonald on Weekend Update

While we hopefully await the return of his video podcast Norm Macdonald Live, take a look at this compilation of the best of Weekend Update with Norm Macdonald in 2 parts, uploaded by user lunarprops on  Of course be prepared for plenty of OJ Simpson and Michael Jackson jokes:     Part 2:  

What if you were a Simpsons Character?

Have you ever wondered what you would like like in the Simpsons Universe? How about as a Family Guy character? Seller eliana93fer is an artist who offers her services on and will draw you as a Simpsons, Family Guy or Futurama character for only 5 bucks. She does impressive work and really captures your […]

Japanese Game Shows: Human Tetris

The title pretty much says it all: Human Tetris.