Monthly Archives: December 2013

How to Turn a Cigarette into a Knife

Scam School shows you how to turn a cigarette into a razor sharp knife.  Might come in handy if you’re ever in jail and need to shiv someone.  Fast forward to 4:50 to get down to the demo:  

Conan: “Elf on the Shelf” Christmas Special

The Conan Show shows waht’s wrong with the Elf on the Shelf:  

Real-Life Spider-man vs Batman and Robin

Some weird fight between someone dressed as Spider-man vs some guys dressed as Batman and Robin.  The dark side of cosplay:  

Nice Christmas Pranks

Watch these nice Christmas pranks for poor people:  

The Grammer of Peanuts

Here’s a good article on the grammatical structure of comic strips using Charles Schultz’s Peanuts:

Satirical Twitter Battle Between Obama and BIrd Society

The Onion posted a funny satirical twitter feud between the Audubon Society of bird watchers and Obama.   You can check it out here:,32625/#6    

Soccer Fail Compilation

Hey, what’s up? Here are some soccer fails:  

Ice Cube, Kevin Hart, and Conan Use the Share A Lyft Car App

Watch Conan, Kevin Hart, and Ice Cube use the app Share A Lyft and cruise around with random people.  Lyft is a peer networking app that lets people request a ride in their area from other people for donations instead of taxi fares.  

The Conan Show Introduces the Google Glass Helper

Watch this introduction to Google Glass Helper from the Conan Show:  

Watch this Gold Digger Prank

Interesting trick to find out if someone is a gold digger: