Monthly Archives: January 2014

Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty is an Adult Swim cartoon.  It’s like a crazy version of Doc from Back to the Future with his grandson.  Anyway it’s pretty funny.  Watch the first episode here:  

Taylor Swift Attacked at The Grammys

During her performance at the Grammys Taylor Swift was attacked from out of nowhere.  Thankfully she was able to continue playing without a hitch:  

Conan: Jordan Schalnsky Cleans Office

Jordan Schlansky is like Conan’s Karl Pilkington, a friend/producer, who Conan likes to poke fun at for his odd outlook on life.  Almost everyone can relate where they have a friend in the group who they like to have a go at.  If you don’t it’s a possibility you are that friend.  Here is Conan […]

Have you heard this one yet? (Part 2), a short story by Felipe S.

For the first part click here. The Chase Gretchen stood bewildered at what had just transpired.  Her trance of confusion was soon broken when she heard a rustle and then knock on the door. “Who is it?” Gretchen immediately and automatically sneaked out. “Midas!” “Midas who?” she replied with a smile. The door opened, “Midas […]

The Hilarious Spider Email

I can’t believe I haven’t read this yet.  Apparently it’s a popular email that’s been passed around the internet from David Thorne’s site where he shares funny emails and their responses.  He also has a book “The Internet is a Playground” which contains this email among many others:    

A Literal Description of the Iron Man 3 Trailer Sung

Watch and listen to this literal description of the Iron Man 3 Trailer as a song:  

Pilko Pump Pants

Karl Pilkington from An Idiot Abroad decided during his trip in Japan that he wanted to invent something after seeing all of the innovative products in there like a crisp picker upperer.  Watch him sell his invention the Pilko Pump Pants on Price Drop, it’s got a quality zip that doesn’t stick.  It’s also good […]

Person Switch Prank

This is a somewhat interesting prank, where they switch people when the other person isn’t looking:  

Impressive Beagle Breaks into Hot Oven

According to the YouTube description, Lucy, a beagle, breaks into a 325 degree oven to get some chicken nuggets.  How she does it is complicated and  impressive but also who leaves an oven on when they are not home?      

Some Simple Pranks

Here are 10 simple pranks you can play from the CrazyRussianHacker: