Monthly Archives: February 2014

White House Warns of Stingray Danger

It was over seven years ago that Steve Irwin was stabbed to death by a stingray.  Only now is the White House finally addressing this situation and the ramifications that it may present:      

Great Comedians: Greg Giraldo

One of the greatest comedians of our time who also passed away too early in 2012 in New Brunswick, NJ.  Here is some of his stand-up:  

Where’s Birdo?

Like an advanced version of “Where’s Waldo” see if you can find the bird hidden in these pictures:  

Crazy Two-Legged Cat

Watch this awesome two-legged cat move hop around.  That’s some pretty good balance:  

Rappin’ for Jesus

Just watch it, there is nothing I can add:  

How to Use a Map by MacGyver

They don’t make shows like these anymore.  In this clip MacGyver shows you at least 5 other ways to use a map including as a weapon and sled:    

Climbing the Tallest Skyscraper in Shanghai

Two professional Russian climbers, climb the tallest skyscraper in Shanghai which is still under construction.  Some nice aerial views and trance music:      

Thorested Development

A spoof of Arrested Development using Marvel’s Thor.  It’s decent if you like Arrested Development:  

Japanese Elevator Prank

Here’s another Japanese TV Show Prank, again with an elevator.  Not sure what the deal with that slimy oil stuff is, seems completely unnecessary.  Really not sure what the deal is with Japanese people and that oil stuff:  

Reggie Watts Social Music Experiments

Comedian/Musician Reggie Watts has been posting a bunch of stuff on his YouTube channel.  He’s posted a bunch of Social Music Experiments.  In this one he looks to discover if music can start a party anywhere: