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The Ridiculous 6: The Comforts of Luxury

Let me start by saying ridiculous 6 is not a good movie but it’s safe to say you already knew that even if you haven’t seen it.  Whether you liked it, that may be a different story since I believe a lot of whether someone likes a film or not relies a lot on their […]

Why I Miss Late Night with Conan O’ Brien

Who do you consider the funniest person?   The Funniest Person You Know Of course humor is subjective but maybe names of popular comedians or performers come to mind like Will Ferrell, Kevin, Hart, Melissa McCarthy or maybe you prefer Louis C.K., Bill Burr, or Norm MacDonald. A comedian or comedic performer has the task […]

Nathan For You: Confronting the Absurd

I just watched a man take the identity of another man with an elaborate getup of a body suit, scanned facial mask, along with mimicked physical moves and voice inflections all for the sake of making the latter man look better…but really for the sake of our entertainment.  If you haven’t watched the finale of […]

Joan Cornellà’s Dark Side

We are living in a sick twisted world,where the deepest most extreme thoughts of depravity have no place to be hidden and flow through our digital screens and eyes into our brains along with countless baby pics and selfies all mashed together. Everything is out in the open, there is no escaping visuals of ISIS, […]