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How to Make 10 Dollars the Easy Way

What you need: A $20 dollar bill A small box or envelope Steps: Ask someone if they have a $20 dollar bill for demonstration purposes Place their $20 dollar bill in a box or envelope and place your own $20 bill in the same box/envelope Ask the person if they want to buy that box/envelope […]

So that’s how you’re supposed to use it

How to Use a Map by MacGyver

They don’t make shows like these anymore.  In this clip MacGyver shows you at least 5 other ways to use a map including as a weapon and sled:    

How to Turn a Cigarette into a Knife

Scam School shows you how to turn a cigarette into a razor sharp knife.  Might come in handy if you’re ever in jail and need to shiv someone.  Fast forward to 4:50 to get down to the demo:  

GTA 5 – How to Get Girlfriend

MessYourself Youtube channel posted this funny video of how to get a girlfriend in GTA 5:  

Ice Cream Bread

Have you heard of the latest food trend Ice Cream Bread? That’s right, you take regular delicious ice cream which everyone loves and turn it into bread with two simple ingredients. Why would anyone do this? Because they can and because it’s easy as opposed to making chocolate chip cookies from scratch. Here are the […]