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White House Warns of Stingray Danger

It was over seven years ago that Steve Irwin was stabbed to death by a stingray.  Only now is the White House finally addressing this situation and the ramifications that it may present:      

Taylor Swift Attacked at The Grammys

During her performance at the Grammys Taylor Swift was attacked from out of nowhere.  Thankfully she was able to continue playing without a hitch:  

Kanye Finally Achieved his Goal: Officially Becomes Recognized as Divine Being

A group of followers have created a religion around Kanye West, Yeezianity, where he is the Divine Being.  The members, called Ye’ciples, are anonymous and this is almost definitely a satirical site but remember, Kanye West doesn’t understand satire so for him this is a monumental achievement:     Their awesome website:  

The Story of the Rockaway Deer with an Arrow in its Head

There once was a deer who lived in NJ where many other deer lived. One fall day, someone shot an arrow at it and the arrow hit his head.  The deer continued to live with this arrow in its head for sometime even continuing to play with its other deer friends roaming around Rockaway, NJ. […]

Check out this Dude’s Hardcore Halloween Decorations

Kyle Phillips gets the cops called on him for his scary realistic Halloween decorations: