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2 Old Women Caught Stealing

A man confronts 2 old women stealing his canopy and other stuff.  When confronted they still claim it’s theirs and attack the man:  

Best Dimitri Reaction

Impressive Beagle Breaks into Hot Oven

According to the YouTube description, Lucy, a beagle, breaks into a 325 degree oven to get some chicken nuggets.  How she does it is complicated and  impressive but also who leaves an oven on when they are not home?      

Watch South Park Co-Creator, Trey Parker’s College Student Film

Trey Parker before his South Park days when he attended the University of Colorado made a student film entitled “American History” narrated by his Japanese roommate Junichi Nishimura:      

Aziz Ansari at Wilinski’s in Montreal

From The show Mind of a Chef featuring David Change and narrated by Anthony Bourdain, Aziz Ansari with Chang, visit the famous Wilinkski’s in my favorite city, Montreal:  

The New “Man of Steel: The Animated Series”

From Screen Junkies Youtube channel comes this new grittier version of Man of Steel: The Animated Series”. Pretty funny if you ask me.  I’ve always thought Superman was a way too powerful character to be realistic.     Also, check out this great Twilight trailer from Screen JUnkies:

Animal Battles: Eagle vs Toxic Snake

Eagles may have the advantage because of their field of view and can attack from long distances unseen. Snakes though, especially toxic water ones can be deadly with their bites and are quick in close range combat. Who will win?  

Jean-Claude Van Damme on the ArSheerio Paul Show

Paul Sheer from The League and NTSF:SD:SUV spoofs the old Arsenio Hall show with the ArSheerio Paul Show which you can watch on YouTube. In this episode, Nick Kroll plays Jean-Claude Van Damme as they re-enact an interview from 1991.  It’s a pretty close re-enactment which goes to show you how ridiculous the original Arsenio […]

Need Some Inspiration?

If you ever need inspiration remember this kid and feel happy on yourself…  

David Brent Returns!

Watch the return of David Brent, Ricky Gervais’ character of the British version of ‘The Office’, on Youtube where you can watch a series of ‘Learn Guitar With David Brent’ videos. A lot of his famous songs from the famous ‘training’ episode are featured including ‘Spaceman Came Down’.  Now you can learn how to play […]