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Classic Memes: Techno Viking

Remember the internet phenomenon Techno Viking?

Techno Viking was shot by Matthias Fristch and titled “Kneecam No. 1” featuring some bearded viking looking dude going crazy with dance moves to techno music.  It spawned a bunch of spin-offs and spoofs that you can easily find on YouTube.

Although the identity of the Techno Viking is unknown, Matthias has been served with a lawsuit by the unknown individual accusing him of “infringement of personality rights”.  According to Matthias, the trial will bankrupt him.

Matthias also recently attempted to crowdfund a Technoviking documentary which didn’t reach it’s goal on Indiegogo (funding ended August 17, 2013).  Though, it does look like he is still trying to get the documentary made as he has a page up:

So maybe this is not the end of TechnoViking.

Source: Wired


Here’s the original video: