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Great Re-Edits of Film and Television!

Not everyone knows how important the editor’s job is.  A good or bad editing job can make a break a film.  The timing and flow of scenes can also change an entire film’s feel.

Another important aspect is the soundtrack which creates the atmosphere and mood of a piece.  You can even turn a horror into a comedy by just switching the soundtrack.

Case in point take a look at these fun re-edits of familiar movies and tv shows.  These are some of the best examples of changing genres through soundtracks and re-editing.


Diff’rent Strokes

Watchoo talkin’ ’bout Willis? Mr. Drummond is a predator?


Mary Poppins

One of the most well done re-cuts.


Willy Wonka

I don’t care what you say, I still think the original was just as creepy with those oompa loompas.


The Shining

Feels just like a James Brooks Romantic Comedy.


Mrs. Doubtfire



Home Alone

Not unrealistic in today’s society.