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Indie Reviews: Punching the Clown

Punching the Clown, follows Henry, a writer and singer of folk songs that have a comedic twist as he tries to make it in LA.  Henry, who is naive at times and awkward with girls, has some success initially as signs a record deal but is derailed by misunderstandings and the challenges of compromising his integrity.

The film is somewhat loosely auto-biographical and while the story arc is familiar with its series of ups and downs, the strength of the film is Henry Phillips and his songs which are both quite good and funny.

If you’re familiar with other singer comedians like Stephen Lynch or even to some degree Adam Sandler (though Sandler’s songs relied more on their complete silliness) you should enjoy this film.

With a runtime of 91 minutes, the film is very watchable, entertaining and concise in its story-telling.  The comedy in addition to the songs are also actually funny so if you are looking for a quick laugh you should find no qualms with this indie film.

Released in 2009, the film was directed by Gregori Viens and written by Phillips and Viens.  It won the Audience Award at the Slamdance Film Festival.

Note the film is also available on Amazon Prime.

Here’s a clip from the movie: