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Joan Cornellà’s Dark Side

We are living in a sick twisted world,where the deepest most extreme thoughts of depravity have no place to be hidden and flow through our digital screens and eyes into our brains along with countless baby pics and selfies all mashed together.

Everything is out in the open, there is no escaping visuals of ISIS, the attacks of the Boston Marathon, Paris, San Bernardino…it’s as if today’s media culture is a portal for the darkest recesses of existence, a glaring light where Bill Cosby can no longer hide.

Social media has created a new breed of social justice warrior trying to bully tweet their disapproval on all things interrupting them from tweeting about their opinion on the new Kardashian baby’s name.

How do the rest of us prefer to deal with it?

“Dad always thought laughter was the best medicine, which I guess is why several of us died of tuberculosis.”

Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey

I’d like to think that Dark Humor is our way of reconciling everything.  It’s the laughter that frees us from being preoccupied by the horrors of reality around us.  Joan Cornellà in his comic strips stares horror right in the face and makes it blink first.  I find his cartoons liberating in that they through his creativity allow us to be in control.  Situations are what we make of them.

If you remember Gary Larson’s brilliant The Far Side, this is The Dark Side, a modern worldview, the result of all the social media, memes, trends, violence and depravity we’ve consumed.  Yes, there is no end to the insanity of the world but there is also no end to human creativity.

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If you like Joan Cornellà’s work you also might want to check out his Kickstarter which at this moment is still live: