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Know Your Conspiracy Theories: Kubrick and the Moon Landing

There are many conspiracy theories about the Apollo 11 Moon Landing and successive Apollo missions that allege NASA had somehow partially or completely hoaxed the moon landing, the video/photos or the entire mission.

One of the more interesting theories that was gained popularity recently is Stanley Kubrick’s involvement in this hoax.  The allegation is the Stanley Kubrick, the director the ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ which was released the year before was in fact also the director of the July 29th Moon Landing on a stage (on earth).

You can see why this has theory has brought a lot of interest as ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ at the time featured breakthrough special effects and the feet of landing of the moon being so extraordinary.  It’s popularity has not faded though and has gained more traction as there are claims that Kubrick placed hints in his movies of his involvement, most notable in ‘The Shining’.

This is best discussed in Jay Weidner’s ‘Kubrick Odyssey’, a documentary where he points out clues in ‘The Shining’ where Kubrick hints at his involvement, as well as the method of which Kubrick pulled it off using front-screen projection.  Interestingly though, Weidner does not deny that the US landed on the moon but rather only alleges that the moon landing video we saw was filmed on a stage on earth by Stanley Kubrick.  We still claims they landed on the moon but could not show the footage hinting at possible evidence of extraterrestrial or secret government technology on the moon.

Weidner claims that the Jack Nicholson character is in fact a version of Kubrick, who when hired to be caretaker of the Overlook Hotel, is in actuality Kubrick being hired by the US government to stage the Apollo 11 Moon Landing.


Spoiler Alert: his most revealing clue is the sweatshirt Danny wears in the movie has a picture of the Apollo 11 spacecraft (Apollo 11 was the first successful moon landing mission) and that the way Danny stands up simulates the rocket being launched from a launchpad (the carpet pattern being the launchpad).

Remember that famous “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” scene which wasn’t in Stephen King’s novel? Weidner believes that the “All” is actually ‘A’ with two ones (A 11) which stand for Apollo 11.

Another “clue”, theorists have pointed at is that Kubrick’s final film ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ has released on July 16th 1999, the 30 year anniversary of the Apollo 11 launch date.

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