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I Love This Site: overheardinnewyork.com

Overheardinewyork.com features sbumitted overheard conversation in New York (obviously) and it’s hilarious.

If you’re a New Yorker, or near the area, or a displaced New Yorker this site and it’s crazy overheard conversations and character-types will ring familiar.  Even if you’re not from New York  you will laugh.  From interactions with hobos, subway conversations, hipsters, business people, NY is such a diverse place and people say crazy stuff.

This is such an addictive site.  Here’s some great ones:

Two Kinds of Dressing Down

Lowlife: I hate shopping.

Yuppie: You have to love it, because we really need to avoid this look.
–W. 8th & Broadway
Overheard by: Tibbie X

Just One Block From Park Ave…

A bike messenger almost plows through the crowd at a crosswalk.
Messenger: You gotta look! You gotta look!

Black Woman: Nigger, you look! You ain’t drivin’ no car!
–44th & Madison

It’s Master Shake Who Needs a Whuppin’

Man: If I punch Spongebob in the face, it would be because he is living at a higher moral standard than me, as a role model to children.
–Toys ‘R Us, Times Square

Welcome to NY; Hurry the Hell Up

Woman: So I asked for a slice with mushrooms, and the girl’s like ‘Well, can you wait?’, and I’m like ‘This is New York! No, I can’t wait!’
–Association of Graphic Communications, 7th Avenue

Time to Diss Him from the Cover of Elle

Girl #1: I just don’t get it! He said they were just friends… But they were always hanging out. Then all of a sudden he dumps me!!

Girl #2: Girl friend, you’ve been Jolie’d!
–C train


For more just go to http://www.overheardinnewyork.com