What if you were a Simpsons Character? – HarpoonMurder

What if you were a Simpsons Character?

Have you ever wondered what you would like like in the Simpsons Universe? How about as a Family Guy character?

Seller eliana93fer is an artist who offers her services on http://fiverr.com and will draw you as a Simpsons, Family Guy or Futurama character for only 5 bucks.

She does impressive work and really captures your essence in the cartoon universe of your choice.  Please be aware though that she is in high demand so expect to wait a little longer than usual.

Fiverr.com is an interesting site where people can sell services from the bizarre and fun like dance videos, to professional work like art, music and promotion.  All gigs start at $5 but there are extra add-ons that you can pay for.   For example, in the “I will draw you as a Simpsons character for $5” you can be drawn alongside Homer for an extra $40.

You can also if you choose to offer use your talents and offer services yourself.