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The Story of the Rockaway Deer with an Arrow in its Head

There once was a deer who lived in NJ where many other deer lived.

One fall day, someone shot an arrow at it and the arrow hit his head.  The deer continued to live with this arrow in its head for sometime even continuing to play with its other deer friends roaming around Rockaway, NJ.

A woman named Darrah saw this arrow and the deer attached to it and called New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife.  Darrah was both horrified and excited at this so she went to facebook and posted her photos of the deer with the caption “Want to know what sucks? THIS!!…”

A few days later  (Saturday afternoon Nov 9th), NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife tranquilized the deer when it returned to Darrah’s backyard after Darrah lured it with delicious corn and pear pieces.

Once tranquilized they were able to remove what made the deer most famous, the arrow in his head.  Once the deer was able to walk again, it went off and took a nap from probably the worst headache ever and then walked off again now probably known as the deer with that horrible head scar.

“Everybody loves a happy ending,” Darrah said.