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Stuff to Watch Online: Serious Jibber-Jabber with Conan O’Brien

Serious Jibber-Jabber with Conan O’ Brien is an online video interview series where Conan sits with people who interest him and talks with them for usually over an hour.  It is basically his version of Charlie Rose as he’s said.

Previous guests have been Judd Apatow, Jack White, Statistician Nate Silver, and former/current writers of The Simpsons.  So the guest list is very open and probably the only thing that links them together is that Conan O’ Brien finds them interesting.  We’ve all seen talk shows where we know the host interview guests that you know he has no particular interest in.  If you ever wondered what the dynamic would be like when a interviewer is actually knowledgeable and interested in the guest this is what you would see.

As you know Conan was a writer on The Simpsons himself and that episode, which is one the best (especially if you are a Simpsons fan), feels particularly like a reunion show among old friends.  Most have that casual feel to them and I even feel like Conan’s questions are loaded in the sense that he already has his own opinion on it and is willing to share it as well.  It becomes more of a conversation that interview actually which is more intimate for both the guest and audience.

You will actually learn just as much about Conan as the guests he interview.  There aren’t many (if any at all) of these types of shows which is what makes this series such a fun and refreshing watch.

Here’s one the newer episodes with guest Martin Short: