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Kanye Finally Achieved his Goal: Officially Becomes Recognized as Divine Being

A group of followers have created a religion around Kanye West, Yeezianity, where he is the Divine Being.  The members, called Ye’ciples, are anonymous and this is almost definitely a satirical site but remember, Kanye West doesn’t understand satire so for him this is a monumental achievement:     Their awesome website: http://yeezianity.com/  

Akwaaard: Jimmy Kimmel Interviews Kanye West

Apparently Jimmy Kimmel offended Kanye West by doing a sketch about him.  It is almost impossible not to offend Kanye unless you are praising him as God like he perceives himself. Watch this very awkward interview with Jimmy and Kanye from last week as they try to make amends.  As you can see Kanye is […]