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The Ridiculous 6: The Comforts of Luxury

Let me start by saying ridiculous 6 is not a good movie but it’s safe to say you already knew that even if you haven’t seen it.  Whether you liked it, that may be a different story since I believe a lot of whether someone likes a film or not relies a lot on their expectations coming into it.

The Ridiculous 6 is Adam Sandler’s latest comedy, an exclusive produced by Netflix.  and surprisingly one of the most watched on Netflix (or maybe it’s not that surprising).

Just to be brief no i did not like the movie.  I felt there weren’t enough jokes/bits and the few that were there had no setups or were poorly executed or lazy.  The film relies mostly on a silly vibe, the usual weird characters basically treading the same territory as Sandler’s previous movies except in a Western.

But I’m not here to pile of criticism for a movie which is criticism-proof.  It doesn’t matter what reviews say because you know what this movie is and you will watch or you won’t based on this knowledge given the consistency of Sandler’s films.  He’s created his own sub-genre where the elements are creepy/weird characters who say random things, a plot revolving around outsiders who eventually get their due, and Rob Schneider.

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The Spoils of Success

Now, I am not a Sandler hater, in fact I consider myself a fan, especially of his work on Saturday Night Live and Billy Madison, which I believe was  Sandler at his best.

Billy Madison, I consider one of the best comedies of the 90s, as it was something new and epitomized Sandler’s unique style, a mix of irreverence, silliness, and endearment toward embracing the odd.

It was a surprise cult hit and along Happy Gilmore grew Sandler’s already strong loyal following.  Maybe the success gave him too much contentment and too much to lose with bigger budgets and expectations.  Billy Madison was risky, different, edgy and stood out because it had nothing to lose.  He no longer needed to take risks or maybe he had already made his statement and now he could just revel in his success and now known formula for the success.

The Comfort of Viewing

I have often wondered whether comedy can be a litmus test of a society’s contentedness.  There is such a thing as comfortable viewing.  Jay Leno who dominated the late night ratings, who I never found funny at all I always felt was the most common given example of this.

I think there are 3 reasons why Sandler and other heavily criticized comedies continue to have heavy viewership:

  1. For the most part people are comfortable (living in the richest country helps).  When you are content you really have no need to challenge yourself or consume confrontational comedy because heck for the most part you are happy.
  2. A lot of people are tired after working and just want to watch something that isn’t too stimulating.  Something you can just watch and not have to pay attention too.  I think this is what Leno’s viewers wanted.
  3. Sandler’s comedies are for kids.  Kids love Adam Sandler’s brand of fart jokes and silly humor.  Maybe this is the biggest reason for his success and maybe it says something more about the haters than his movies… that we got old.