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“What I’d Say to the Martians: And Other Veiled Threats”, A Review

“What I’d Say to the Martians: And Other Veiled Threats” is a collection of previously published and unpublished essays by Jack Handey.  You may know Jack Handey from his stint on Saturday Night Live where he penned the hilarious “Deep Thoughts” and “Fuzzy Memories” .

If you are a fan of “Deep Thoughts” you will definitely enjoy this collection of essays which convey the same sense of humor, often playing with your sense of expectation by delivering straight-forward scenarios and quickly darting in a bizarre direction.

My favorite “Eintstein and Capone” imagines a bizarre meeting and partnership between Albert Eintstein and Al Capone at a Halloween party where the meeting goes as:

“Listen, Einstein,” said Capone, who came as a hobo, “I think we should join forces.  With your brains and my muscle we’ll be unstoppable.”

Einstein, who was dressed as Tarzan, replied, “But what about my muscles?”  There was an awkward moment of silence where Capone and his henchmen stared down at the floor…

Though not all are on the same level it’s this kind of unique humor that had me laughing out loud.  My only real qualm with the book is that some great essays like this one were too short.

Also included in the book are some of Jack Handey’s favorite “Deep Thoughts” and other sketches from Saturday Night Live like “Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer”.

There are very few books that can make you laugh-out loud so this is definitely something you should pick up as it’s an quick, easy, often hilarious read.